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Widows Sons


Widows Sons Scotland Motorcycle Group



For all Freemasons in good standing with their mother Lodge who ride motorcycles, there

is a group you may be interested in called the Widows Sons. Any master Mason will instantly

recognise the name. It's not a motorbike gang or a 1% club and you may join no matter what

motorcycle you ride. We attend monthly meetings and organise ride outs to various places of

interest to our members. As Freemasons, charity is always in mind and we will do all we can to

promote brotherly love and respect for our members and their families and those in need.

If you are interested then check out the website at www.wssff1.com.

Our team recently worked a 2nd degree at Lodge St Conval in Giffnock, Glasgow and there are

possibilities to visit other Lodges in Scotland to continue this theme and promote motorcycling

and also Freemasonry to all who may be interested. Membership details are posted on the

Widows Sons website.


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