West Quality St. Dysart, Fife

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West Wemyss

The village of West Wemyss, where the first Lodge building existed, can be found off the A955 main road between Dysart and Coaltown of Wemyss. Look for the signpost and follow the winding road down the hill into the village.

The village owes its origins to the Wemyss estate based at Wemyss Castle which is situated to the east of the village near to the church. Coal mining and the harbour played an important part in the heritage of the village and coal was mined as early as the 1430's. The tollbooth was built around 1511 and further development of the harbour followed by the middle of the 1600's.

By the mid 1700's around 6000 tons of coal per year was mined from the local pits and exported from the harbour and the harbour was linked by way of a railway tunnel to the village.

There was a decline in the 1960's and 70's and during this time much of the harbour had been filled with waste from the pits and the village school was closed and demolished.

Due to significant help from the Wemyss estate who bought the church from the Church of Scotland in 1972 and who have also contributed a major effort in coastal defences, housing renovation and restoration of the harbour, West Wemyss has been rejuvenated and much of the industrial and economic dereliction has been reversed. This can only be looked upon as a great example given by the Wemyss estate as how a landowner can actively and positively contribute to the local infrastructure.

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